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I have been on this awesome journey of self acceptance and radical self love and that journey intensified for me when I hit level 30. I knew I needed to heal from some painful past traumas and set some healthy boundaries for myself if I really wanted to flourish!
With the use of incredible wellness tools like therapy, mediation, yoga and holistic nutrition, I have been overcoming major hurdles. Unlearning and deconstructing those traumas that prevented me from loving me for ME!
Over the last five years, I have been learning to love who I am, and show up everyday to slay as the divine goddess I am! Loving my gorgeous, large AF afro, embracing my juicy curves, letting the beauty of my skin shine through – acne, scars and all! Healing from past traumatic experiences like abuse, losing loved ones, racism, and managing and healing my depression and anxiety.

Now I am enjoying my journey connecting with other beautiful beings who have been on a similar journey! I love that I have created this sweet little safe container on my little corner of the internet, where I can share, connect, educate, and expand with my community!

Let’s connect and VIBE HIGHER!


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