#smallbusinesslove – “Herbalista Love”

“Being around herbs is incredible, when you have the connection and you can feel and hear them… It’s such a deep, complex, vast infinite world that has so many dimensions to it…It’s there to heal us.” Check out my interview with Cabarete’s Herbalista!

It’s called self love. Rest is productive too.

I like many others, had this programmed colonial mentality, where I felt I constantly needed to be “busy” to be productive. We live in a society that has glamorized the grind. Hypes up the hustle. In so many ways rest has actually shown me just how productive and successful I really can be.

Journal Prompts for Deeper Self Reflection

Journaling helps bring my life into clear focus. It helps me to be a more creative being, and allows a deeper way to connect with myself. It is also a great outlet to help release your anxious thoughts + feelings, pain + trauma. Here are 10 helpful journal prompts for deeper reflection.