Social Media Detox Feels Like…

Coming back from a social media detox feelin’ like…

One week free from social media. It feels divine. When was your last social media break?

I am much more aware when I feel a shift happening with myself energetically. Like when I know my being is prepping to shift to a higher vibing place. I enter this somewhat uncomfortable place vibrationally prior to levelling up. Likely just a battle with my Ego. That pesky Ego likes where it is comfortable, and safe. Even if that means its not aligned. The Ego fears change. And it’s almost as if it starts to sense a shift, and tries to hold me back.

That’s where I was at a week ago.

Easily triggered.
Slightly moody.
A little edgy.

I have been trying to be more mindful of these cues from my body when they arise.
And I knew my body was telling me I needed to take pause. To reconnect with myself, get grounded, and get back into balance.

These phases happen where I feel extra sensitive to energy so I go through a check list and observe: How I am treating myself? Like, ACTUALLY.
What is serving me for my higher good?
What is adding a negative vibration to my life?
Which relationships are nourishing my soul? Which are keeping me in a place of stagnation?

And although time really is an illusion, I had this moment where I was like oh damn…we are almost half way into 2021…oh damn…. my birthday is approaching in a few months-ish. Like okay, okay…where am I at with my goals? Am I really on the path of how I want my life to look? Am I really designing my life exactly how I want it to be?

I knew I needed time and space to focus on my vibrational awareness. But also, to freely focus on my…

…. [continued from Instagram ]

creative projects. To rest. To focus on the seeds I have been planting over the last year for my existence. How was I nourishing myself to help those seeds blossom and thrive?

New music project in the works [ IG: @thebandközmic] with my brothers. Photo: Karina Jensen

Honestly, I would say when it comes to my daily routines, I am in a pretty peaceful place. What throws my balance is social media and external influences. I have this battle with trying not to allow outside influences to affect my peace.

I knew I needed to remove myself from social media platforms, and just be. I logged in after 5 days and cleaned house so to speak. Unfollowing any account (nearly 130 accounts ) that just didn’t feel in alignment with me. It’s nothing personal against them, I simply no longer feel in harmony with their content or message.

In addition to social media influences, I also needed to do a mental check list on the other influences on my vibration.
How was I fueling my myself?

How was I moving my body? Was I allowing ample time for joyful movement? Was I listening to music that was not in a harmonious frequency? What was I eating, drinking? Was I getting enough rest?

My soul was alerting me, Krystie Ann…woman, check in with damn yourself.
And so I did.

I breezed through a few amazing books. I got plenty of sun, and admired the beauty of Mother Earth. I reset my food situation. Gave myself a lot of rest. Time with my plants babies. SO MUCH WRITING. Y’all, my journal was literally attached to me.
So much journaling, poetry, reflections…

I do feel like collectively we are becoming more sensitive to energies around us. I believe we need to be extra mindful of that, and really I mean REALLY listen to what our souls need. If we are actively intending to be in this state of consistently vibrating higher, and showing up as the best versions of ourselves, then we need to be listening to the cues when we need to make necessary adjustments so actually we are in a harmonious place.

So I ask again, when was your last social media break? When was the last time you went through your Instagram, or Facebook or Twitter and removed accounts or people that make you feel icky? Or triggered? Or are you somone you does a phone detox often? What are your tips? Comment below! I am so curious to know!

Listen to your vessels my beloved beacons of light. Listen to your guides.
They speak to us EVERY DAY.
Silence your ego. Move from the place of fear, or the place of comfort. Make changes to live your best damn life!
You will be thanking yourself for listening.

Happy vibing my friends!


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