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As you cruise up the north coast on the island of the Dominican Republic, and enter into the quaint surfing town of Cabarete, you cannot miss the most precious looking store front: “Herbalista Apothecary.” A wellness sanctuary dedicated to supporting the health and wellness of others with plant medicine.

I had the opportunity to explore this quaint spot and am incredibly grateful for my experience and connection with herbalist and holistic health practitioner, Alita Akashi.

As I entered into the high vibing love energy of this adorable sweet smelling, pink painted shop, Alita (and any local guests who were visiting the shop) greeted me so warmly, that I instantly felt like I had extended my soul family.

Y’all, this spot is a total vibe.

Those who know me, know I’m a mega plant mumma, and have always had a special connection to our Mother Earth. So, while visiting Cabarate (for the millionth time this year – I love it there) you know my mystic ass had to take advantage of the opportunity of booking a one-on-one consultation with Alita to gain personalized support for my wellness journey. My intentions were on the imbalances I experience with my acne prone skin, as well as my womb health needs.

Personally, I have been exploring the world of plant medicine for a few years, so I was super eager to get to chatting with her and expand my knowledge of honouring the plant kingdom.

My session was well worth the investment. Alita offers one-on-one sessions available at the shop, or remotely via video call. First and foremost, I completed an online form outlining my needs, before meeting in person. During our in shop session over a delicious herbal tea, in addition to my needs and requests, we went over my daily routines, foods I eat, fitness routines, how I sleep, personal and family health history, and more. With this information Alita is able to narrow down the areas that require the most love and attention, where and how adjustments can be made, and what tools may be helpful with those adjustments. With that information Alita takes some time (roughly 2-7 days depending on needs) to curate a more detailed wellness routine, along with various plant based product recommendations, all of which she provides through her apothecary to help support your journey. Also included in your session is a follow up appointment which happens roughly one month after your first consult.

I will be sharing about my journey + some of the goodies I’ve been loving from her shop on my instagram!

Alita’s Journey

I am ALWAYS curious to know about people’s journeys to how they arrive into their gifts, their power and magic. So naturally I was curious to explore Alita’s journey into herbalism.

Her interest for herbalism was always a call to her from within, and she has been practicing + studying herbalism since 2012.

After completing her BA in Communications, and a degree in Art + Literature from the University of Montreal, she was about to start her journey towards her masters degree, but shifted her path after having a conversation with her higher self. She removed the self sabotaging and self limiting beliefs, trusted her intuition and took some time to travel and explore how she could become more purposeful in her existence. On her travels she took classes in Morocco, and began to explore the world of archeology, anthropology, botany + ecology, and while exploring these topics of study, she received her inner guidance and confirmation to begin her to studies in herbalism. After reading the first sentence in her notebook from her trainings in herbalism, she was hooked.

Alita’s inner knowing was greatly influenced, and guided by her elder. While studying herbalism, she found out her Grandmother was also an herbalist in Morocco and specialized in working with womb health, and fertility. Aren’t synchronicities so lovely? 🙂

Alita continued to listen + trust her inner voice and the voice of her ancestors, which was leading the soul surfing babe to live a dream beach life…you know the one I always rave about 😉 …With the chill island vibes, beautiful way of living free, continuously connected to nature. *Sigh* That sweet, sweet island life. Alita was called to the island of the Dominican Republic, and like I, feels it isn’t her first incarnation on this island.

And so “Herbalista Love” was born.

Mother to a star seed toddler, she has been committed to connecting with and healing the community through the incredible revolutionary benefits of plant medicine. In her dreamy and mellow herbal dispensary you will find a vast amount of herbal tinctures, oils, teas, delicious homemade gluten free cookies, a variety of yummy kombucha, crystals + jewelry, and she is also the creator and founder of Raiz Herbal.

Everything in this fridge is YUM! Handmade with love! Highly recommend the kombucha + immune shots. PLUS the gluten free cookies are delicious!
Um, I’ll take them all please.

Alita feels a complete support team from the plant ground. She says: communicating and connecting with the plants is indescribable.”

“Being around herbs is incredible, when you have the connection and you can feel and hear them… It’s such a deep, complex, vast infinite world that has so many dimensions to it. You never finish knowing it all. Its so supportive! (The plant kingdom) It’s there to heal us. What more can I say?
How grateful, and respectful, and appreciative of the existence of the plants can I be?”

The love, passion, and connection Alita vibrates when she is speaking about our beloved sacred Earth, is beautifully overwhelming. The level of respect and gratitude she expresses, is especially heartwarming.

It was such a lovely session and visit with Alita , filled with so much knowledge, and some good laughs, and ended with a powerful and soul confirming tarot and oracle card pull. (which you know I loved!)
Alita is a beautiful + wise soul, who will not only help you level up your health and wellness lifestyle but also will warm your soul.

Connect with Herbalista Love…

You can visit Alita’s online store (with shipping available within the island of the DR, as well as SPAIN, FRANCE, UK, US and CAN),

Visit her in person in Cabarete, Dominican Republic : 1111 calle Principal (The pink house between procab + Janet Supermarket) Shop Hours: Monday to Thursday 11am-4pm Friday + Saturday by Appointment

or book an online consultation with her.

Connect with Herbalista Love via her Instagram – however, like myself, Alita has been finding that her social media platforms have been continuing to be censored, shadow banned, and silenced. (She dives into this on one of her recent instagram posts) Because we speak about natural immunity, natural healing, holistic wellness…creators and educators like myself and Alita and I’m sure you have heard from other wellness bloggers, body liberation, decolonial healing…basically anyone promoting unity, love + healing, the mediators and controllers of these platforms like to keep us in the shadows as best they can. There isn’t too much we can do against a free app. So I highly encourage you to connect with her via her monthly new moon news letter.

Stay tuned my lovelies, I will be sharing more about her and connecting with her on an upcoming episode on “Connected In The Den”.

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