It’s called self love. Rest is productive too.

Rest is productive too. It’s called self love baby. And I’ve been layin’ it on reeeaaal thick this year. I like many others, had this programmed colonial mentality, where I felt I constantly needed to be “busy” to be productive. We live in a society that has glamorized the grind. Hypes up the hustle.

Being constantly busy = success.


That’s actually not the case. Well it can be, but at a high cost.
Your peace of mind. Your health and wellness.

In so many ways rest has shown me just how productive it really can be.

One of the blessings that came out of the chaos of the past year for me, was the time to show myself that I don’t need to be “hustling” every dang minute of every day to be a “productive and successful” person.

In fact I actually feel more productive and successful since I’ve slowed my roll.
Because when I take time to rest, I have time to reflect, to heal, to meditate. I gain clarity, I feel more focused, I produce creative ideas. Taking rest, taking time to pause has allowed me to be in a more peaceful place. I feel less stressed, less anxious and overall healthier!
I can show up for myself and others a more complete being. Elevated and conscious.

For me, the self love takes form in so many ways. Although you know..[continued from instagram]

Y’all know I love me a good facial, it’s not just about the skin care.

Another form of self care for me is sitting down with a tea or smoothie and just reading a book. Creating solid time to sit and read. Learn, expand.

A slower schedule, slower paced routine has helped me reconnect with my intuition. When you connect with your intuition, you can connect with yourself. You are so much more aware what your body needs. Be it rest, when it needs food, WHAT it needs to eat.

That was a huge one for me.

Being in that hustle and grind mode, I was not taking the time to actually listen to my body in how I needed to fuel it. Because I always heard it, but I was ignoring it. Always on the go, so it was quick meals. Fried, greasy, and processed. Now that I actually take time for myself, I enjoy taking time to prepare my own meals, infusing whatever I cook full of love and good vibes. Listening to what my body wants to eat, high vibrational foods like more fruits and veggies, lentils, less cheese, steering clear from processed sugars ect.

Obsessed with the Vegan food from AmaLuna – I’m not “vegan” but do eat more plant based.

I think another big thing for me to help create a more peaceful life, was how I adjusted my work schedule. I really do love to work. I am blessed to have a job where I can do what I love – be creative. But I was overbooking, and overworking myself.

Colonialism – mainstream media, consumerism, has us believing that we need to have “things”. Fancy cars, fancy houses, expensive trips, designer clothing, the newest trends, the latest phone, the newest this, the coolest that….
To have those things, we need money. To buy. And to get money we have to work work work work work.

We don’t.

We need to work on switching our mentality. We don’t need all those things. The Ego might. But we aren’t about feeding that ego, are we? Of course it is nice to treat yourself with something luxurious if that what floats your boat. But having all the things, all the time….I don’t feel is necessary. Since switching my mentality, I realize I don’t need much to be happy.

I have been scheduling myself for work, enough that it is allowing me to provide for what I need, in a more balanced way. Financially, and for a healthier and restful lifestyle. Taking fewer jobs, and smaller bookings, has allowed me to recharge my creative juices, plus take more time for ME.

Other self care examples…

Take a good nap, or go to bed earlier. GET MORE SLEEP. Enjoy a relaxing bath, watch a movie, paint, draw. Lay outside and just stare up at the sky. Take in the expansive beauty of our universe! Spend some quality time with friends, and family. Intuitive moment – whether that be yoga, going for a run or a walk, lifting weights, or just dancing. Listen to your body, and move that energy around!

Whatever it may be, I hope you are welcoming more of it into your life! Self care is raising your vibrations in the most ultimate way.

Happy vibing soul fam!

Small Business Shout out: VO BEAUTY
Obsessed with so many of her products! This is the “5 Minute Facial” A pore clearing clay mask that my skin just loooooves. #supportsmallbusinesses #cleanbeauty

Also mega shout out to Dra. Rocío Rosales Meza for guiding me down my path to decolonial healing, and being a special mentor in my life who has helped me step into my power. Grateful for her medicine.

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