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This year has been INSANE. I can’t even believe it’s August. 😳 It’s been a tough year, but it’s been even harder in communities with less fortunate families. The fall of tourism this year, due to the virus has really impacted the island.

My friends at Amigos Solidarios RD are trying to help!

Amigos Solidarios RD is a group of friends united to help the communities of Bávaro, Verón Punta Cana severely affected by this worldwide pandemic. Their goal is for our most vulnerable citizens to have a dignified life and basic needs covered.

They deliver Solidarity Food Baskets with supplies to families in need, community dining halls, orphanages and women’s shelters. The group follows up with the communities in order to guarantee a continuous supply of goods.


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Currently, Amigos Solidarios RD have 10 locations – “Solidarity Spots” throughout the Punta Cana area. These Solidarity Spots are drop off locations available for donations. In these various spots, members of the community can donate goods and supplies and they are collected weekly.

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My Birthday wish this year is that my amazing community can come together to support this organization, and these families in need of our help.

Donations can be made via Pay Pal and Go Fund Me. With those donations they prepare Solidarity Baskets. ( LINKS BELOW )

Included in the Solidarity Baskets are: 

Milk, Cans of Tuna, Cans of Sardines, cans of tomato paste, canned vegetables, 1 medium sized bottle of cooking oil, 2 pounds of red/black beans, 5 pounds of white rice, packages of pasta, 1 small salami, flour, plantains, 1 dozen eggs, soup stock cubes, 1 package of cookies, 1 small cocoa mix.

In addition to food, they are given cleaning supplies including: 

1 bottle of bleach, laundry soap, body soap, toilet paper

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The approximate cost of each solidarity basket is $22 USD, or RD$1200

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To donate to Amigos Solidarios RD: 



Connect with them on Instagram: @Amigossolidariosrd 

On Facebook: CLICK HERE



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