Hotel Review: Royalton Splash Punta Cana

When homegirl says, “let’s go somewhere where I can bring the kids, but be served.” I’m like okay, sign me up! Very privileged and blessed to have had the opportunity to take advantage of a decent over night deal via

There are 4 Royalton resorts in the Punta Cana area. My mom and aunt stayed at Royalton Chic one year visiting me, and really enjoyed it. I’ve personally stayed at two of them. The Royalton Punta Cana, and most recently The Royalton Splash Punta Cana.

I really enjoyed my stay at Royalton Punta Cana. My experience at Royalton Splash was a little different…
This was a discounted stay, during covid restrictions. So it is difficult to compare, considering the circumstances. It wasn’t a large discount, but for the price I do think the level of service we experienced could have been better.

I really am a simple traveler, so my expectations were not outrageous.

For the price of $135 USD/night taxes included -My accommodations in the “Luxury Room” featured two queen beds, (or one king depending on availability) a seating area and TV. The suite comes offers a mini fridge stocked with soda and water, a balcony or terrace, bathroom with standing shower, security safe, ironing board and iron. (Room rates typically vary from $142 – 180USD/night.) With the deal the resort was pretty busy for the weekend with other locals like us enjoying the special rate.

The room was decent. Clean. And everything in working order. (My friend who was also staying at the hotel with her two young children unfortunately had issues with her hot water)

The deal was for an all inclusive stay. However there is currently a $5 room service fee per order placed. (I am assuming that is to cover costs for the disposables. Due to covid restrictions, all the food is packaged in disposable paper containers, paper cups, and disposable cutlery. Arrives to your room in a paper bag, and staff does not enter the room to bring in the food. If you have reusable cutlery, bring it with you will traveling under covid restrictions)

I was cool with buffet lunch, and we had dinner A La Carte at the Italian restaurant. But if you know me, I enjoy my slow, peaceful start to my day – and am team room service/breakfast on the terrace in private! Who’s with me?

Unfortunately I had issues with ordering breakfast in the morning. (As did my friend) I’ll get into that later…

Because we were there to entertain the kids, we didn’t spend any time on the beach – only in the “Splash Water Park”. There is an adults section, and kids section, and life guards patrolling the swimming areas. Scattered throughout the park there are loungers with umbrellas, as well as a bar for drinks. The kids had a great time playing all day, making friends and splashing and sliding all over the place. (They totally wore me out lol)

As I mentioned for dinner we dinned at the A La Carte restaurant – but that was a whole other ordeal.

You see, throughout our stay we realized we weren’t really explained much from the front desk at check in. We were totally unaware that when staying at Royalton Splash or Punta Cana – it is a “stay at 1-Play at 2” resort. So you have access to both resorts. We also weren’t clearly explained which restaurants were open. As a large portion of the resort is closed due to covid restrictions. (Most hotels during this time are able to book only between 40-80% capacity depending on the time of year)

So our hotel guide in our rooms via the TV stated 2 restaurants were open. However when we went down to dine for dinner, both of those options were closed. After a walk through the grounds to the front desk, they shared a few options of restaurants that were open and not listed on our room guide (or so they thought) because when we arrived to those, they were also closed lol. After asking another few bartenders, we arrived to the one restaurant on the Splash side that was in fact open, but were told it was an hour wait. They also were the ones who informed us that we had access to Royalton Punta Cana restaurants as well. DANG IT!
So we hopped on the train, stroller in tow – and trekked over to Royalton Punta Cana where we dined at “Grazie Italian Trattoria” (Italian Cuisine)

After about a 45 minute wait, and some alcohol free Piña Coladas, we finally sat down to eat about 9pm.
We enjoyed a few appetizers, I ordered pasta, and my friend a pizza to share with her kids.

There was some nightly entertainment on both the Royalton Punta Cana side (traditional latin music with a singer) and on the Splash side (local DJ).

Following dinner, I enjoyed a soothing thunder and lightning show with a beautiful tropical rain on my balcony and finally crashed in bed, hard. I had a super restful sleep, and woke up early excited to enjoy a yummy coffee and some breakie.

So my room service ordeal…After placing my order about 7:30am I was then faced with miscommunications and issues regarding the $5 service fee -was transferred about 10 times, spoke to 5 different people until they were able to sort the issues out. Breakfast arrived about 9:30am and they thankfully didn’t charge me the $5 fee because of the troubles.
My friend who also had issues with the service, just threw the towel in and brought her kids down to the buffet.

The food again was underwhelming. Eggwhite omelette with hashbrowns, and french toast with some sweet pastries. The hashbrowns were good! lol

Check out was 11am, but we were able to still enjoy the remaining day at the water park with the kids. Overall the kids had a great time, and that is what was most important, having fun with them. Would I stay there again? Nope. But it was still a decent experience!

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