My Eco Lodge Experience: “GuaiGüí Bayahibe” – Dominican Republic

Ok this is a special post, long over due. I have had a number of visits to the absolutely precious GuaiGüí Bayahibe Eco Lodge, and have yet to share in detail what my over night experiences have been like! So, here we are!

GuaiGui Bayahibe” is one of the newer Eco hotels making it’s sweet little mark in the “green travel” and “eco travel” industry in the Dominican Republic. Roughly a 45 minute drive from the Punta Cana airport you’ll find this chill spot, in the quaint fishing village of Bayahibe.

What is an Eco hotel?

Eco hotels provide environmentally sustainable accommodations while applying principles of Ecotourism. They operate with low impact facilities, which minimizes and reduces environmental loading. These establishments are designed and built by the use of traditional building methods from skilled native locals, and focus on supporting local communities and businesses. Eco resorts/hotels help to promote the well being of the community and their guests. They help to care for local wildlife and landscapes, as well as recognize, support, and respect the spiritual beliefs, rights, and history of the Indigenous land and native locals.

Eco travel is a brilliant way to explore. It promotes and supports a greener type of tourism. Eco tourism practices can include the use of renewable energy, energy efficient fixtures, second hand furnishings, natural and organic trade-free products, growing and providing their own produce, as well as recycling and composting programs.

At the end of this article, I share a few helpful Eco Travel Tips!

Cabaña De Caquin – Sleeps 2
These baby chicks were abandoned by their mother Hen, so this mother Duck adopted them! 🥰😍
La Casita de Confessor – Sleeps 2 (With Private Bathroom)

During my stay at GuaiGüí, I lay my sweet afro in the dreamy Cabaña de Mitin (1 of 4 Cabañas, the tallest of the two “tree house style accommodations” – sleeps 2)

Perched high above the lush tropical landscapes, I took in both a magical sunset and sunrise! The stars at night….MY GOODNESS. So insanely gorgeous! The Cabaña’s are all solar powered, with charging devices on hand. (There is electricity available.) They are well ventilated, and for those hotter nights there is a small solar powered fan if needed.

The views of the stary night sky – just magical

Travel Tips – I am a sensitive sleeper so I do bring an eye mask, and ear plugs when I sleep here. (The roosters can be a little chatty and gossipy in the morning) And for those wondering, there were very minimal bugs! – I was actually pleasantly surprised! You may also want to bring a small cooler to store any beverages, or snacks you would like to keep on hand.

La Casita De Fefa – Sleeps 7 (With Private Bathroom)

A few of my favourite spots on the property…

The dreamiest private outdoor showers. Draped in lush plants, feeling that warm morning sunlight while showering was just beautiful.

You can find quaint little nooks and lounge areas set up with hammocks and chairs, scattered around totally immersed in nature to mellow out and relax. Read a book, roll out your yoga mat, enjoy your morning coffee, or a fresh natural juice.

It’s SO lush!! It’s basically one massive glorious garden. Plants every where! Home to many beautiful birds, butterflies, and other little friends you will see zipping about.

Owners Anna and her husband Yoel wanted to contribute to the community, and envisioned a space for folks to vacation that didn’t impact the environment in a negative way, as well as provide guests with a more authentic Dominican experience for their travels. Plus, they desired a space that provided the opportunity for their own children to grow up in a natural environment. With the help of family members, friends, and locals in the community they have diligently constructed over the last few years a very tranquil, warm and inviting Eco retreat space. A place to relax with your loved ones, or solo. To disconnect from the hustle and bustle of society, and reconnect with Mother Earth, and yourself!

Anna with one of the many fury friends you will meet! This is Othello, a 14 year old street dog Anna rescued.

GuiGüí Bayahibe has so many beautiful, and unique personal touches to the space. Nearly everything on the property was constructed with love by Yoel himself. Each cabaña is named after Yoel’s family members and include family photos hanging throughout. They are decorated with local art and sustainable materials, and are surrounded by the glorious tropical landscape.

You can find a handful of breathtaking beaches to explore in the town of Bayahibe only a short 10 minute drive from the Eco Lodge. Saona Island is a fantastic attraction to visit or you can check out the local dive shop and seek an underwater adventure. Take a stroll through the quaint tropical town where you will also find some cute shops to purchase art or souvenirs, take a jewellery making class with local artist Lleanys, or dine at one of the many amazing local restaurants including Onnos’s, Saona Cafe, and Playa Barco Bar.

Playa Dominicus

Included in your accommodation is a light continental breakfast, with coffee/tea, and fresh natural juices. And yes, there is wifi available.

I highly recommend visiting GuaiGui Bayahibe, even if you are staying at a resort somewhere else in the area. Stay at the Eco Lodge even for just one night! You cannot miss experiencing a beautiful, natural and authentic island experience, with the most beautiful family to host your stay.

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*Eco/Ethical Travel Tips*

Here are some handy tips to help your next trip look a little more “Green”

  • Pack a reusable water bottle to keep your drinks chilled (or warm) all day.
  • Bring reusable straws or ask for no straw.
  • Support local businesses.
  • Be friendly and respectful for the local people (*ask before taking photos)
  • Minimize running water/showers, use of electricity – turn the lights off when not needed, unplug devices when they aren’t charging or in use.
  • Use shampoo bars/soap instead of gels (which are packaged in plastic)
  • Bring cloth/reusable shopping bags/tote bags for any local shopping
  • Use Reef safe sunscreen
  • Avoid wildlife encounters. While it may appear special to swim with dolphins, or pose with a monkey or parrot on your shoulder, those tour operators do not have the welfare of the animals as a priority. Although they will tell you otherwise, these animals are severely mistreated, abused, held captive, and exploited to make money for their captors.

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