Where to eat: Mallorca, Spain – Bistro 1909

    Nestled into the quaint little area that is know as Alcudia’s “Old Town”, you will find the charming little Bistro: “Bistro 1909.” Serving Spanish dishes and tapas along with an excellent local wine selection, all at reasonable prices. This excellent restaurant is also a people watchers dream! It was so nice to enjoy such a fabulous meal with friends, and watch the many locals and fellow tourists walking about, exploring the Old Town. I had the pleasure of dinning here for dinner, but you can also enjoy a delicious meal here for lunch.

Bistro Plaza is bigger than it’s sister Bistro 1909, also located in the Old Town, in the Plaza de Constitucion.

We started off with garlic marinated olives, warm fresh bread and a fabulous aioli. (Where are my fellow aioli addicts? 😉 )

Dine out Mallorca 1909 1

    You can enjoy yummy tapas, like cured meat with rich and tasty cheese selections. Their excellent menu also includes paella, pasta, pizza, salads, and meat dishes. As well as the catch of the day dish. (Sidenote – I also enjoyed the fish at various restaurants throughout Mallorca, and those meals were always excellent!)

I enjoyed a perfectly prepared peppercorn steak, with the most divine cream sauce and veggies. Paired with the house red wine, which was an excellent local Mallorcan brand.

My mouth is literally salivating as I type this and recall this amazing meal. *Insert drooling emoticon here*

Dine Out Mallorca 1909 7

Also enjoyed by my friends, was this big boss of a looking burger served with fries and a small side salad, and a spanish paella.

Dine Out Mallorca 1909 6

Dine Out Mallorca 1909 2

Dine Out Mallorca 1909 4

(The burger was thoroughly enjoyed, while the paella received so-so reviews.)

    The service here is excellent! Very friendly, multilingual servers who add to the cozy atmosphere, where we never felt pressured or rushed to finish our meals. We also felt comfortable and relaxed to enjoy a few more glasses of wine following dinner 😉 Our servers kindly brought us each a traditional Hierbas at the end of our meal. The taste of this digestif took me some getting used to, but after a few meals in Spain, I happily accepted and enjoyed this traditional liqueur.

Dine Out Mallorca 1909 5

    Hierbas liqueur is native to the Balearic Islands, it is aniseed-flavoured that is made by extracting oils from various plants and herbs including rosemary, lavender, chamomile, mint, luisa herbs, leaves and peels from lemons and oranges and a few others added into the mix. It has a liquorice taste similar to sambuca (which is also aniseed flavoured) Most of the herbs selected for hierbas have digestif properties.  So when this combo enters our mouth and stomach, it helps to promote the release of our digestive enzymes which means better digestion for our tummies 🙂 

I highly recommend dining out at Bistro 1909 if you are visiting Alcudia! I’ll be over here dreaming of my meal 😉

Find out more about this awesome restaurant by visiting their Facebook page!

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