#smallbusinesslove – “Herbalista Love”

“Being around herbs is incredible, when you have the connection and you can feel and hear them… It’s such a deep, complex, vast infinite world that has so many dimensions to it…It’s there to heal us.” Check out my interview with Cabarete’s Herbalista!

It’s called self love. Rest is productive too.

I like many others, had this programmed colonial mentality, where I felt I constantly needed to be “busy” to be productive. We live in a society that has glamorized the grind. Hypes up the hustle. In so many ways rest has actually shown me just how productive and successful I really can be.

Journal Prompts for Deeper Self Reflection

Journaling helps bring my life into clear focus. It helps me to be a more creative being, and allows a deeper way to connect with myself. It is also a great outlet to help release your anxious thoughts + feelings, pain + trauma. Here are 10 helpful journal prompts for deeper reflection.

Social Media Detox Feels Like…

One week free from social media. It was divine. When was your last social media break? Have you been easily triggered lately? Feeling edgy? It may be time to check in with yourself with a social media detox.

My Eco Lodge Experience: “GuaiGüí Bayahibe” – Dominican Republic

Perched high above the lush tropical landscapes, I took in the most magical sunsets & sunrises, and lay my sweet afro under the stary night skies in a dreamy treehouse cabaña! Read more about this awesome experience at the darling GuaiGüí Bayahibe one of the newer Eco Hotels in the Dominican Republic.