The Magic of The Bavaro Sunrise

Anyone who knows me, knows I am truly obsessed with sunrise (and sunset).

Many people don’t understand the passion and appreciation some feel for one of nature’s gorgeous daily performances. For me, each sunrise brings super powerful energy to my being. A fresh start, a new chapter of your life. That which begins every single day. Every sunrise is different, artwork in the sky from a higher power. Artwork that changes by the second! Bringing new and different beauty with every blink of the eye. Now, pair that with the beauty and power of the Dominican ocean, and BAM! You have one stunning canvas right before your eyes to appreciate.

Let it sink in, breathe in the beauty, and let the warm rays of the love energy encompass your being.

This particular sunset took place on July 29th, 2017 starting around 6am. On the beautiful beaches of Bavaro, Dominican Republic. Morning sunrise meditations are definitely my JAM! 😉 

So for the sunrise and nature lovers out there, enjoy!


The Wandering Lioness

sunrise blog WM 1.jpg

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  1. Shannon Penney says: Reply

    Love this post. I am also a sunrise and sunset lover! So much beauty and power!

    1. <3 <3 <3 Amazing right!! Cheers to nature lovers! xx

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