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More people are cutting out animal products from their diet these days for environmental, ethical and health reasons. And I am one of them. Not that I am putting a label on how I eat…vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian…..whatevaaaa. I just listen to my body. And eat meat as needed, but my body seems happier eating a more plant based diet.

This is not a post to push anyyyyy particular lifestyle on anyone. Just sharing my own personal journey, and perhaps shedding some light on some facts. Because when they were brought to my attention, it definitely made me think, and in turn act.

Probably a combination of turning 35, and all the chaos and turmoil that has been going on the world these days… now more than ever I felt like I needed to give my head a good shake, reset my body and get healthy and balanced.

I became more plant based with my meals roughly 3-4 months ago. Drastically reducing my meat consumption, and dairy as well. I have never felt better! I see it in my skin, I feel it in my body, I’m sleeping SO much better, have more energy throughout the day. It’s insane. I feel….silly that I didn’t make these changes earlier. But that’s ok! Better late than never!
Not only do I feel good eating a more plant based diet, its also so much better for the environment.

“Kathy Freston, published data which laid out what the impact would be if every American citizen enjoyed a vegetarian diet for one day, 24 hours. The data showed as a country eating vegetarian for one day, would save 100 billion gallons of water, enough to supply all the homes in New England for almost four months; 1.5 billion pounds of crops that would otherwise be fed to livestock—enough to feed the state of New Mexico for more than a year; 70 million gallons of gas, enough to fuel all the cars of Canada and Mexico with plenty to spare; 3 million acres of land, an area more than twice the size of Delaware; 33 tons of antibiotics; 3 million tons of soil erosion, $70 million in resulting economic damages; and 4.5 million tons of animal excrement, which would eliminate almost 7 tons of ammonia emissions, a major air pollutant.

Keep in mind, the impact of going full vegan would be even greater than going vegetarian.” VIA

Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, or just searching for plant-based dining options, Punta Cana – Dominican Republic is sadly very limited. There is only ONE vegan restaurant. 😳 Thank goodness it is a gem of a spot! 🥰

AmaLuna Vegan Restaurant and Lab, where animals are friends – not food. 😊 Service and food is always absolutely stellar here! Definitely in my top 5 restaurant recommendations! WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE THE FOOD PORN. Just you WAIT!

Established in 2014, AmaLuna was the first 100% vegan restaurant to open in the Dominican Republic.

They share, “We doesn’t seek to impose any food model, we simply want to offer through our dishes and our recipes a different tasty alternative of food, which we could call “peaceful food”. Our recipes are the result of thorough investigation, dedication and inspiration testing, just like a game played with different colors, textures and flavors, which ends with a really extraordinary result from the taste and nutritional point of view. Our artisan production of vegan pasta, breads, tofu, and now cheese and mayonnaise has reached a really satisfactory level that guarantees quality and genuineness.”

Due to Covid – their dining area is currently closed. But in partnership with Semila Conscious Food they are currently open for take out and delivery.

I signed up for their “Plant Power Meal Plan” special in late August, I will definitely be signing up again! With the meal plan, you receive 6 different Buddha Bowls, each one comes with a drink (a super yummy iced tea) for $2100 Dominican pesos. (Roughly 35 bucks USD)
$35 dollars for 6 meals!? And they are high vibing AF?! SIGN ME UP!!!! 😍

“Best Yogi Buddha Bowl” – Plant based Portobello croquettes, coconut curry, crispy tofu, Kitchari quinoa, fresh veggies, seeds and sprouts.

Each day they offer a different themed bowl. EVERY one is DELICIOUS! It’s a very generous serving of food. I often would split the bowl in half eating one half for lunch, the second half for dinner.

Take a scroll down and see the beautiful Buddha bowls that nourished my bod. OMG. Just ❤️

“Happy Wellness Monday Buddha Bowl” – Plant based Shawarma chicken skewers, quinoa zucchini fritter, power lentil salad, creamy cheesy dip, fresh veggies, seeds and sprouts.
“Asian Fusion Buddha Bowl” – Plant based Thai meatballs with spicy peanut sauce, cheesy pad Thai roll, curry potatoes, sweet peas wok, avocado Mayo, fresh veggies, seeds and sprouts.
“Exotic Fusion Buddha Bowl” – Plant based Asian jerk chicken, tropical cheesy summer rolls, pineapple fried rice, passion fruit Mayo, fresh veggies.
“Healthy Friday Buddha Bowl” – Crispy cheesy quinoa patties, plant based shawarma chicken tofu skewers, fresh chickpea salad, fresh veggies, seeds and sprouts.
A yummy iced tea with every meal.
“Coconut Beach Buddha Bowl” – Plant based crab cake, seaweed pasta, Hawaiian Spirulina Mayo, crispy coconut tofu skewers, fresh veggies, seeds and sprouts.

Also available to order are their ‘snack and go’ Jars. Great for an easy healthy lunch on the beach or for work!

As mentioned AmaLuna is currently open for delivery and take out only.
Every day they have a special Buddha Bowl, as well as a “Lunch Box” option. They offer frozen options like burgers, chicken nuggets, empanadas and more that you can order and cook at home at your leisure, all totally vegan. As well as vegan cheese and mayo’s available to purchase.

Vegan cheddar cream cheese.

8 oz of Cream Cheese is $400RDS
(Flavours like: Fresh Herbs, Bacon Garlic, or Cheddar Cream Cheese)

Vegan Sriracha Mayonnaise

8 oz of Mayonnaise is $300RDS
(Flavours like: Chinola (Passion Fruit), Seaweed, or Curry Coconut, Sriracha )
*I tried the Cheddar Cream Cheese, and the Chinola, Curry Coconut and Sriracha Mayo…. SO DAMN GOOD!

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To Order take out or delivery

809-519-6436 or 809-209-0012

Many thanks to the amazing AmaLuna family and team for proving such stellar service and incredible meals made with love. Highly, highly recommend that you visit them if, or when you are in the Punta Cana area!

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