Adventures In India: Jaipur

I loved Jaipur! The capital and largest city of Rajasthan. Also known as the Pink City of India is about 280KM from New Delhi. Jaipur forms a part of the tourist circuit “The Golden Triangle”

Named the pink city because, in 1876 the Prince of Wales and Queen Victoria II visited India on a tour. Since Pink signifies the colour of hospitality, Maharaja Ram Singh of Jaipur painted the whole city pink in colour to welcome the royal family! Still to this day, there is a pink tint to the buildings in the city.

Here in Jaipur, we stayed at the Regenta Central Jal Mahal. A nice hotel, with excellent service, free wifi, a rooftop pool, fairly modern facilities, and a gorgeous view of Mansagar Lake. (Where you will find the Jal Mahal “Water Palace” located in the middle of lake.)

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The hotel was close to all the main tourist attractions, we also had the opportunity to do some shopping! Gorgeous fabrics, handicrafts and beautiful gems and crystals!

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Evening views from the Regenta Central Jal Mahal.

Amer Fort: (Amber Fort and Palace) 

Located in Amer, Rajasthan this attraction sits up high on an incredible hill overlooking Lake Maota. (We travelled up hill by car with our amazing driver Jagdish aka “J-Money through Namaste Tours)  This breathtaking fort is constructed of red sandstone and marble. along with the Jaigarh Fort (which is considered one complex) was once the palace of the royals and included an escape route in times of war.  It really was an incredible attraction. We received blessings in one of the many beautiful temples, were entertained by some street performers, wandered and took in the gorgeous sights. We were provided with a knowledgable tour guide through the company we had hired for the majority of our India trip (Namaste Tours)

We visited this location both in the day and again at night were you can catch an absolutely STUNNING Indian Sunset overlooking the huge city.



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Amer Fort1

Amber Fort 2

Amer Fort3

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Gorgeous Sunset Views overlooking Jaipur



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Traditional Indian Dance during dinner

City Palace

Is a gorgeous palace complex. On site is the Chandra Mahal, which is now a beautiful museum. Here you will find super impressive courtyards, gardens and breathtaking structures. But the coolest thing about this palace is that it still to this day is the royal residence for the current royal family. We paid an extra $40USD for an in-depth tour of the palace which really was an incredible experience. We weren’t allowed to take photos throughout majority of the palace (due to privacy) – but the furniture and architecture was so grand and lavish! We were able to enjoy a delicious chai tea in a beautiful courtyard, served by the royal staff, had our palms read by the “palace palm reader and astrologist”….I mean how many times in your life can you say you strolled through an actual ROYAL PALACE!?




Oh, just loungin’ in the palace like a KWEEEEEEEEN! 😉


One of my best friends and My travel buddie, Marina slaying a headstand in the PALACE! Because, why not? 😉


Prestine Gardens and courtyards.

Galtaji (Monkey Temple) 

As we made our way to our next destination, (Ranthambore – coming soon on the blog 😉 ) we made a quick stop in a small town called Khania-Balaji 10KM outside of Jaipur. Here you will find Galtaji which is an ancient Hindu pilgrimage. The Galtaji now nicknamed “The Monkey Temple” consists of a series of temples which were largely abandoned and only partially restored. Why Monkey temple? you ask…well, here you will find a large tribe of monkeys that have sort of taken over the property! Although I was a little hesitant at first to be on the monkeys turf, It was pretty cool to stroll around, admiring the gorgeous buildings and structures surrounded by beautiful mountains, and walk among the families of monkeys leaping and jumping around, eating, and swimming, yes swimming in the natural water springs that the local pilgrims bathe in as well located on the grounds. I really enjoyed my experience here. It wasn’t an overly crowded attraction, very peaceful, we received blessings from a few of the priests on site in some of the temples that were still open and functioning on the property.

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You will often see a Ganesh statue or medallion with offerings on the front dash of cars. So pretty! And smelled so nice always too! 🙂




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Marina and J-Money receiving a blessing




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I wanted to take this lil’ cutie home with me!!! <3

Still more to come from our India Adventures! Stay tuned!


The Wandering Lioness 




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