My Quarantine Virtual Art Exhibit with “Amigos Solidarios RD”

If you follow me on Instagram (@TheWanderinglioness) then you might have seen that I have been taking full advantage of our time at home during this isolation period…creating. Creative expression is like, just what I do. I create.

It’s the only way I know how to be. Creative in every movement and thought. In how I speak. I see the beauty of creativity. And I see that in others. The creative spirit. It’s SO damn magical.

Living a creative life is how I release. It’s how I connect with the source. It’s how I share my emotions, my thoughts, my dreams and desires.

I am quite the sensitive woman. I feel very deeply.

I’m always thinking. Wondering. Sometimes too much. That darn act of overthinking.  


I struggle with moments of anxiety and depression.

But mostly,

I am healing from past traumas.

With all of those factors, I sometimes feel overwhelmed. Sometimes even triggered. And recognizing that I am just existing in a creative space. Or encouraging myself to get to that place is how I ground myself. I learn so much about myself – being present, yet getting lost in the vibrations of whatever creative exercise I happen to be experiencing.

During this quarantine time, one of those creative exercises is painting.

I started painting in my mid 20’s. Mainly as a therapy tool for my depression, which at the time had made itself VERY present in my life.

For the longest time I stopped because I had always associated it with sadness. And I was not suffering from those past struggles any more.

The past few years I started to encourage myself to paint with any emotion. And most recently (pre quarantine) by the magic of the universe I grabbed a canvas and just got into it. I needed a piece of art for my living room and so I just released. And it was like my whole body was jolted to life 😍

I grabbed more supplies a few weeks later and then, BOOM quarantine.

So gratefully, I am using this time to really explore that painting energy.

After posting a few videos and images, and recieving super positive responses, my plan was to host a gallery viewing of the pieces once the dust settled after our isolation time. But the messages and requests for pieces are continuing to stream in! 🙏🏾

With that, I have decided to sell the pieces I currently have, and any I continue to create will be not only for a special price, but also to help members of my community here in Punta Cana who are in need.

All paintings will be on sale: 

 $40 USD

Plus Shipping if required.

$10 USD

from every painting sold will be donated to

Amigos Solidarios RD!


Amigos Solidarios RD is a group of friends united to help the communities of Bávaro, Verón Punta Cana severely affected by this worldwide pandemic. Their goal is for our most vulnerable citizens to have a dignified life and basic needs covered.

They deliver Solidarity Food Baskets with supplies to families in need, as well as community dining halls, orphanages and women’s refuges. The group follows up with the communities in order to guarantee a continuous supply of goods.


Amigos 1


Currently, Amigos Solidarios RD have 10 locations – “Solidarity Spots” throughout the Punta Cana area. These Solidarity Spots are drop off locations available for donations. In these various spots, members of the community can donate goods and supplies and they are collected weekly.

Amigos 13

Donations can also be made via Pay Pal and Go Fund Me. With those donations they prepare Solidarity Baskets.

Included in the Solidarity Baskets are: 

Milk, Cans of Tuna, Cans of Sardines, cans of tomato paste, canned vegetables, 1 medium sized bottle of cooking oil, 2 pounds of red/black beans, 5 pounds of white rice, packages of pasta, 1 small salami, flour, plantains, 1 dozen eggs, soup stock cubes, 1 package of cookies, 1 small cocoa mix.

In addition to food, they are given cleaning supplies including: 

1 bottle of bleach, laundry soap, body soap, toilet paper

Amigos 11

The approximate cost of each solidarity basket is $22 USD, or RD$1200

Amigos 10


To donate to Amigos Solidarios RD: 



Connect with them on Instagram: @Amigossolidariosrd 

On Facebook: CLICK HERE


Below are a few of the pieces available for purchase. More pieces will be released next week as well!

‘I’ve Been’ – 10×14


‘Like I Used To’ – 11×14


‘Q’ – 10×20 – SOLD.
‘3AM’ – 10×14


For more information, or if you have any questions, please feel free to email me! 



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